Twelve Property Amenities That Will Turn Tenant’s Heads

Twelve Property Amenities That Will Turn Tenant’s Heads

Buildium’s Industry Report for 2023 states that 22% renters who are considering moving are looking for a place that has more features or better suits their needs. Renters of all ages, especially young adults and those with children, are most likely to be looking for a rental that has features they prefer. Only 36% of renters plan to remain in their current rental, so landlords need to pay attention to tenants’ needs to keep their units occupied and profitable.

What do tenants really want? Short answer: amenities. The amenities may vary between tenants of single-family homes, small multifamily houses, and apartment buildings, but we have compiled a list of the 12 most important amenities for all tenants.

Twelve Property Amenities That Tenants Love

#1: Safe Neighborhood

Everyone wants to live in a safe area. Potential landlords should check the crime statistics of the area before purchasing any property. Installing extra security measures such as motion-sensor outdoor lighting and cameras is a simple way to attract potential tenants.

Second: Air Conditioning

In states with a hot climate, landlords are legally required to install working air conditioners. However, in many other areas, this is a big attraction for tenants. It’s not expensive to install a window unit in your home. This can help you attract more tenants. You don’t want to be worried about the AC unit being set too high if you are not paying the electricity bill.

The In-Unit Dryer and Washer

Even in big cities like New York tenants get tired of carrying their laundry. The most sought-after units are those with washer-dryers included, followed by washer-dryer options that can be hooked up. If you don’t have the budget for a brand new unit, your tenants will be happy with an older model as long as they do their job.

High-Speed Internet

Moving utilities can be a hassle. The landlord can move an internet subscription for a tenant to a different location. Renters can save money by adding a second high-speed location to their existing account. Renters will gladly pay an extra bit of rent for WiFi if they don’t need to do anything.

#5: Quiet Neighborhood

Now more than ever, privacy and quiet are valued. It is important to be able focus on your work without being distracted. You can’t control what the neighborhood is like, but landlords who own multifamily properties might consider posting signs to remind tenants of the need for silence from 10 pm to 6 am.

#6: You can have a pet

The verdict is out: people love their pets. Tenants will pay more to have their furry friend by their side. It can be a difficult subject for landlords because pets can get messy. To minimize damage and to ensure a smooth transition between tenants, you can pull up the carpet to make it easier to remove pet stains or to avoid them altogether.

Hardwood Floors

Most tenants will prefer properties that have hardwood floors. Even though installing new hardwood flooring is expensive, fake hardwood floors still look good and won’t cost you a fortune. Give the hardwood floors in your home a quick glow-up.

#8: Parking

Parking is important to tenants, both for their own use and for the guests. Potential tenants are attracted to the idea of being able throw a birthday or housewarming party in their own home, without having to worry about complicated parking instructions. Renting a home that you can host your family and friends on holidays and other special occasions will make it feel like home. Assign parking spaces to multi-family units to ensure that all residents have a consistent parking space. Or, widen the driveway of single-family houses to accommodate more guests.

Automated Services

Automated services for tenants make life easier for both landlords and renters. Rent payment or non-emergency repairs should be as simple as maintaining a Netflix subscription. The tenants prefer to not think about it. They want to relax in their home. Smart landlords will automate everything from rental collection to requests for maintenance and repairs. This allows landlords to focus on collecting rent, and fulfilling requests instead of dealing with them.

#10: Near Stores

Renters of multifamily buildings and apartment buildings are particularly interested in the proximity to shops, restaurants and public transportation. It is best to be within walking distance, but within a few kilometers is also important. Renters without cars can easily do their grocery shopping without needing to arrange a ride.

#11: Private Outdoor Space

This amenity is now highly sought after, thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic. A private outdoor area, no matter how small, is a huge plus for a rental property. Renters often want to have a yard, a garden or a space for their children to play.

#12: Energy-Efficient Upgrades

See how easy it is to get solar panels on your roof. Find out how easy it is for you to install solar panels on your rooftop. You can install solar panels in Texas for $0 and a monthly payment that is easily covered by an increase in rent.

It’s unlikely that you will be able fulfill all of your tenants’ requests. However, catering to their amenity needs can help keep your property occupied, and therefore more profitable. working with a property manager can make investing in amenities, maintaining them and responding to tenants’ requests easy.

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