5 Apartment Design Trends To Consider If You’re Ready To Renovate

5 Apartment Design Trends To Consider If You’re Ready To Renovate

If you are on a condo board, or you rent out a house you inherited from your parents, implementing on-trend renovations to rental properties can help you stay competitive in a market that is highly competitive. What are the latest apartment renovation trends that you should implement to update your home?

Five Apartment Renovation Trends You Should Consider

The first rule: less space, more shared amenities

Multiple trends are emerging in expensive and tight markets such as New York City or San Francisco that balance smaller private space with attractive amenities. Micro-apartments in cities and shared living spaces allow people to have less space, but still enjoy amenities such as gyms, yoga studios and communal kitchens. Tiny Homes also play a part in this trend: Many popular models are located on large lots with plenty of outdoor space and communal areas.

The trade-off with this tiny living trend is that the spaces are smaller, because the real estate market in expensive. However, the smaller square footage makes the units more affordable. Compact units are less popular if you don’t live in a high-priced area.

Healthy Homes #2

Healthy homes are what people want. When renovating your home, you can ensure that it is free from environmental contaminants such as mold, radon and asbestos. If your local zoning authority does not require it, then ensuring that the home is free from toxins will be a great selling point to those who have young children or health issues.

Water filters and air filters of high quality are also popular. Use non-toxic paints as well.

Green living is a great way to benefit from shared amenities and healthy home trends. Residents are attracted to rooftop gardens and other green spaces in the community.

You can also add bike racks to encourage exercise. A green commute will appeal to those who are committed to a healthy life style.

Environmentally Friendly Design and Features

In many places, sustainable and environmentally friendly building techniques have become a necessity. Renters also like them because they reduce their energy costs and lessen their carbon foot print.

You may consider installing large windows in order to maximize natural light if you are planning a major renovation. Window shades in the summer can keep your home cooler without the use of air conditioning. In the winter, they can be used to help keep the cold air out.

Solar power can significantly reduce energy costs in certain locations–potentially enough to repay part of your renovation costs.

Smart thermostats are a must-have for any renovation. They allow tenants to only use electricity when they’re in their home or on the way back. Automatic timers on thermostats can be a cheaper option.

You may need to install new insulation in your attic if you are renovating a home that is older. By caulking windows and doors, you can ensure that less heat escapes during the winter months and less cooling needs in the summer. All energy-related improvements will pay off eventually in lower energy bills.

Smart Home Technology

Smart homes are very popular. One 2015 survey showed that 46% of homeowners owned smart home technology, or planned to purchase it in 2016. These rates have certainly increased since then. This group included 33% who did not consider themselves to be early adopters. This is further proof that smart homes are no longer avant garde. They’re becoming mainstream.

Smart speakers and televisions are the most popular features for smart homes. Depending on your market, these could be added to smart TVs. Temperature control and security management are the second most popular smart home technology categories. Smart locks and security cameras, as well as smart thermostats are also popular.

Natural Wood Flooring

Since a long time, natural wood floors have been the most common flooring trend. The wood floors are still popular, but there are some new trends. Wide plank flooring is currently the most popular choice. Dark wood floors are becoming increasingly popular because they contrast well with neutral walls and mouldings. Gray wood floors, with their neutral appearance and modern appeal, are also very popular.

Wood floors can be a great investment if you have an old home that has carpeting and other flooring.

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