16 Habits of Promising Property Management

16 Habits of Promising Property Management

You’ll need to communicate with tenants, contractors and other stakeholders, as well as juggle paperwork and solve day-today problems, while keeping an eye on the future. You’ll also need to be able change strategies as needed and take into account helpful feedback.

It’s obvious that managing property is not an easy task. Finding a property manager who is capable of handling all this is also difficult. We’ve compiled a list of 16 habits that property managers should have to remain profitable and professional.

#1: Consistent communication

Early and frequent communication is essential between property managers and both tenants and owners. A PM is a middleman between the owner and tenant. They must communicate well. Digital communication is also beneficial. While phone calls add a more personal touch, talking to tenants directly can be a great way to connect. If you communicate primarily via email or through a portal for property management, it is possible to keep a record of the conversation, which could be useful if there are any miscommunications. Communication is key to keeping things moving smoothly.

Scalable Systems

Property managers are able to save time and increase efficiency with their systems. Property managers are responsible for everything from advertising new properties to paying rent and returning deposits. You’ll need to hire a property manager with systems that are predictable, scalable, and efficient if you want to expand your real estate investment into multiple properties.

Vision for the Future

It’s not just about collecting the rent for this month. They are a partner in your real estate investing journey and will help you maximize the profits on this property as well as the properties that you plan to expand into. They will be familiar with local, regional and national trends in real estate and use their expertise to help you grow your investment.

Strategic Thinking

The vision of a property manager should translate into strategies to help property owners consider their investment in real estate over the long term. A property manager knows the tried-and-true methods that will take your real estate business from beginner to booming. They might suggest new properties to buy or renovations to do between tenants in order to increase your rental rates.

#5: Focus on Growth

A property manager should think strategically beyond general management and repairs. A good PM will focus on your company’s growth. Many property management companies charge a monthly percentage, so they are motivated to grow with you. A good PM will focus on increasing your assets and opportunities.

#6: Curious

What could be improved? A professional property manager is always asking themselves this question. They are curious about the possibilities of new solutions and work to solve problems before they arise. This same curiosity can also translate into innovative problem-solving skills, which are an asset for any business.

#7: Engaging Tenants

A good PM will not only create beautiful spaces for their open houses but also find ways to engage with tenants on a regular basis to foster a sense community. A PM can ensure that their efforts are successful by focusing on the demographics of tenants. The common areas of your property will be regularly used, the outdoor spaces accessible no matter what the weather is like and tenants will feel comfortable using all the spaces on the property. Property managers also constantly assess the amenities to make sure they are meeting tenants’ needs.

#8: Organised and Orderly

Paperwork is almost self-sufficient. It won’t even be paper, since efficient property management will digitalize everything. An organized PM will send you a document weeks before the due date with clear instructions on where to sign. They will collect rent, pay the bills and deal with tenant requests before you even know there’s a problem.

#9: Open for Feedback

Even the best property manager in the world is not a perfect person. Even the most experienced of us make mistakes and let things slip through our fingers. A good property manager is willing and able to learn from his or her mistakes. They can receive feedback professionally and find ways to improve, without adding drama. It’s business. It’s business.

#10: Top Notch Time Management

In the world of property management, good time management is essential. The daily tasks of a PM are already lengthy and continue to grow. Prioritizing tasks allows them to focus on the most important things. A good PM is able to handle multiple tasks at once, manage priorities, and put out fires with their years of experience and proven time management techniques.


When you have good people on your side, it’s easy to do business. You’re trusting a property manager with a lot–it’s your money/future/investment/neck on the line. It is important to be able trust them. Hire someone with integrity and who is honest about their time management. You don’t want someone who is secretive or cuts corners.

#12: Dependable

When they promise, good property managers deliver. Period. They have a list with reputable contractors who finish work on time, or even early. They are able to collect rent promptly, plan repairs well in advance, inspect your property regularly, and involve you only when necessary. Your property is in safe hands.

Always on Time

Punctuality has always been a positive personality trait. The best property management companies are always on time and never procrastinate. The best property managers live by the motto: On time is late and late is unacceptable.

#14: Proactive People Skills

Property managers have a great deal of responsibility in dealing with tenants. They must therefore be friendly and easy to communicate with, as well as able to handle delicate situations. The best property managers have experience in conflict resolution and mediation.

#15: Be Respectful

Respectful of you, your tenants and their privacy. Respect for your privacy, time and availability. They won’t call at all hours or show up on your doorstep unexpectedly.

Consistent Character

Property managers can gain tenants’ and owners’ trust by showing consistency in their character and judgement. They’ll often be acting as an impartial judge, so they need to demonstrate consistency and fairness. The community can build trust by knowing that they can rely on their property manager, who will listen to their side of the story, understand their perspective, and reach a fair decision.

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